Natural Hair Care

Braids, Extensions, Custom Treatments

Welcome to the newest and modern salon suite in Durham NC.

With a variety of custom services catered to your specific needs we offer treatments for plaque psoriasis of the scalp, alopecia, seborrheic dermatitis, and many more.

Come and be pampered by Couture Curls Hair Salon!!!

Meet The Owner

Kendra Cherry


With over 10 years of hands on experience in the hair care field Kendra loves what she does for the natural hair care community.


Couture Curls Hair Salon has a vision to educate all our clients on proper hair maintenance for their desired style. 


Our mission is to provide a customized service to tackle each clients specific issue and resolve it in a timely and beautiful manner.

Care & Products

We only use top of the line products and services here at the salon. We also follow all CDC guidelines for Covid-19 as well. 

Our Team

Hair Guru Anniah Thomas

Anniah Thomas has been a natural hair care specialist for over 8 years in the Atlanta and Triangle are. She is a graduate in communications from Shaw University in Raleigh NC. She specializes in Frontal wig installations, all methods of sew in extensions, knotless braids, Locs and much more.

Our story

Couture Curls Hair Salon was founded in 2023 by Kendra Cherry- Harris of Durham, NC. She graduated from Paul Mitchell the School of Atlanta in 2010 and obtained her Natural Hair License in NC in 2012. Along with other business ventures Kendra has now opened a salon suite in her hometown the "Bullcity".

Why Couture Curls

Why us you ask? Well why the F*$%^ not!!

We are the newest, stylist, private owned salon sutie in Durham,NC. We offer services that NO OTHER salon offers in the area. 

What services you ask?


Our services include but are not limited too:

1: Custom extension Services

2: Fresh Fruit Scalp Treatments     

3: Knotless Braids, Box Braids (any size), Fulani Braids, Tribal Braids, Micro Braids, Kids styles, Locs (retwist & Style), and much more. 

4: Frontal wig installs, 360 wig install, closure wig installs, quick weaves