Hair Steaming & Policy

What are the benefits of Hair Steaming?

1. Promotes Hair Growth

2. Stops hair breakage

3. Adds moisture 

4. Wards off dryness, brittleness and breakage

5. Cleanses scalp, removing dirt and dead skin

6. Promotes better Circulation

7. Leaves hair soft and smooth

8. Makes hair stronger and healthier

9. Improves hair treatments

Wigs & Bundles

We will be offering a variety of wigs and AA 8 grade bundle deals


Coming Soon

Maintaining style

To maintain your style for as long as possible, make sure your wrap your hair in a silk scarf and bonnet. Also make sure your sleep on a silk pillowcase to maximize your style wear period. 


We understand things come up in life, you have 24 hours before appointment to reschedule If you reschedule after 24 hours a 30% fee of services will be charged to the card used to make deposit. if you are a NO CALL NO SHOW 100% of service will be charged to card on file and you will be added to the NO SERVICE LIST.

No Refund Policy

Here at Couture Curls Salon, we have a 100% NO REFUND POLICY. Once a service has been performed, payment will be processed BEFORE client leaves suite.